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Free Co-Ownership Agreement Template Australia

Free Co-Ownership Agreement Template Australia

If you are planning to start a business with someone else in Australia, it is vital to have a co-ownership agreement. A co-ownership agreement outlines the responsibilities and rights of each party involved and can help prevent disputes that may arise in the future. However, you might want to save money and time by using a free co-ownership agreement template in Australia.

What is a Co-ownership Agreement?

A co-ownership agreement is a legal document that defines the terms and conditions of a business partnership between two or more individuals. The agreement outlines the division of responsibilities and the percentage of ownership each party has in the business.

The co-owners may agree on arrangements for decision-making, capital contributions, and day-to-day business operations. It is an essential document that can provide clarity and certainty to all parties involved.

Why Do I Need a Co-ownership Agreement?

A co-ownership agreement is an essential document that helps to avoid misunderstandings and disputes in the future. Even if you are working with your friends or family members, it is essential to document all aspects of your business partnership.

If your business goes well, you may end up putting in more time, money, and effort than the other person(s). Without a co-ownership agreement, it may be difficult to determine how the profits should be divided, which tasks each person is responsible for, and what would happen if one party wants to leave the business.

What Should be Included in a Co-ownership Agreement?

A well-drafted co-ownership agreement should cover all the possible scenarios that may arise during the business operation and dissolution. Some of the essential clauses in a co-ownership agreement are:

– Business name and structure

– Roles and responsibilities of each co-owner

– Percentage of ownership

– Capital contributions and how profits will be distributed

– Decision-making process

– Dispute resolution process

– Exit strategy and buyout provisions

Where Can I Find a Free Co-ownership Agreement Template in Australia?

There are many websites that offer free co-ownership agreement templates for Australian businesses. However, it is essential to ensure that the document you use is customized to your situation and complies with Australian laws.

You can find a free co-ownership agreement template from Lawpath, LegalVision, or These websites provide templates that you can customize to your business needs with the help of a lawyer or a legal expert.

In conclusion, having a co-ownership agreement is crucial for any business partnership, no matter how big or small. It provides clarity, certainty, and protection for all parties involved. While there are free co-ownership agreement templates available online, it is advisable to get legal advice to ensure that all legal requirements are met.


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